All That You Can’t Leave Behind

I sit here and stare at the blank screen. I have so much to say. A part of me wants to write how my heart feels plundered leaving Bombay. Another part of me wants to say, “Hey.. isn’t that how its supposed to be. I asked for it. Thats what being a nomad is. Pack your bags […]

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Are You Dating a Superhero?

This is a long overdue post about Superheroes and real men. But there is a story behind the story of this post (Isn’t there always one?) So it started with some drunken conversations about men and Superheroes and how every man thinks that he is a Superhero (or tries to be one). You see, there […]

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have it all

Who Says You Can’t Have It All?

My Google Reader has been buzzing with this issue of ‘Can Women Really Have it all?’. It was ignited by The Atlantic’s Article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter who left her job as a policy planner at the State Department in Washington, to return to her teaching post at Stanford. Her decision sparked a debate on […]

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Lie to Me

Lie To Me – Reading Microexpressions to Detect Lies

Last week, @iMayavi pestered me to prepare a session for the Barcampmumbai . Being a brand manager, a generous amount of my time is spent talking and reading about consumers, brands, managing online communities and such blah. The more I spoke to Ranjeet (@iMayavi) the more I realized that session needs to be something fun, quirky and yet informative. […]

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Working In High Heels

New Blog – New Quest

Starting a new blog is like a new quest. Its exciting. Its got a new path. It makes me feel like a protagonist in a new story. It makes me feel like being on new Journey. And like any new quest, you wait for that struggle that comes with anticipation of victory. Some of us […]

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This Is What Talking To You Really Feels Like

  You are drenched in the first rain of winters, unprepared. You walk back to your house in search of that familiar ardor. You are looking for the warmth to save you from the cold. You open the closet and pull out that crisp white shirt still smelling of laundry. The fabric eases your goosebumps […]

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Raconteur on the Run

I sit at the airports and watch people. Sometimes I wish I could make a living out of watching people. To see them. Read them in lucid stillness. Never making a sound in my throat. I imagine their realities and make stories about them. As if they are all characters of my book. Life is […]

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Turn the Page

You would think I’m crazy to take a flight from Bangalore to Delhi to watch Metallica perform live. (and not wait for Bangalore concert) Well! If you think so, you may be right. Sitting in the flight listening to Metallica discography, I realise there is more to this trip than music I guess.You see, I […]

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Of writing more and blogging less

I write more often now. I blog a lot less. In fact, I write all the time. Scribbles in my black moleskine that I carry everywhere. Writing, painting and photography is mostly ( if not always ) for an audience. Lately all the writing happens for the voices in my head. I like that audience. […]

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The Hues in My Head -3

(on seeing miniature models taped up and held together by adhesive at Anish Kapoor’s exhibition) Fissures taped up, stitched upBuildings held together, cemented looselyI think I saw a mirage, of amputated heart,Taped up, held together, all arrangedIn a hurry. Mirage it was. All taped up. Draw erase. Draw erase. Then crave for a clean slate,Humans […]

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