Because Real Bikers are Good People…

  Stunt biking on streets is WRONG. Riding or driving under the influence of alcohol is UNACCEPTABLE. Speeding on streets on a bike ( or even a car for that matter ) is stupid, harmful and dangerous. All this can kill you. You all know that. And sometimes, can get you shot at sight for […]

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Stories I Want To Tell You In Person #2

    I have been been writing constantly to you. I just dont feel like typing it out here. I write while I am on trains, I write in my notebook, I write in that yellow sheet notepad on my iPhone too. Sometimes, I write on dozens of post-its together and then I lose them. […]

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Working In High Heels

New Blog – New Quest

Starting a new blog is like a new quest. Its exciting. Its got a new path. It makes me feel like a protagonist in a new story. It makes me feel like being on new Journey. And like any new quest, you wait for that struggle that comes with anticipation of victory. Some of us […]

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