Working In High Heels

Chose a Career.Chose High Heels.Chose Nomadic Life.Chose the Mind Numbing Traffic. Chose being connected to remain disconnected. Chose being a Happy Cynic.Chose iPhone,Nikon Cameras,and wanting more. Chose Hungry Stones, Van Gogh, Fountainhead, Black Swan and Liar’s Poker. Chose Quantum Physics. Chose stories of Quasars and Supernovas. Chose low waist jeans, and hundred and ninety pair of shoes. Chose diet Coke, low fat, low cal fads. Chose early morning flights and late night gossip sessions.Chose Dance. Chose walking by the sea, endless shots of espresso, playing with paints, potter’s wheel and sunlight through the windows at 7 am. Chose backpacking, lonely planet guide,meeting strangers and wondering why the f**k I landed here. Chose Jim Morisson. Chose Jack Daniels. Endless bottles of Merlot . Choose wheels. Choose throttle in a bottle.Bikes.Chose restlessness for 20 hours a day. Chose freedom. Chose Expression.Chose Working In High Heels. Photography, Blogging, Painting in recklessness of silence,obsessing over work and craziness of music. I Chose. Life. Madness. Insanity. Wild wind over gentle breeze. Speed over stagnancy. Stress Over stability. I Chose. Therefore I am.

Your Business

A Part of You

Some people do a job, others build a career and some ‘work towards creating something’. And I guess, all these choices are fair. But when you are making things, building brands or creating business , you have to put a part of yourself into it. Over the years, I have… Read more →